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directress, actress, musician

production: AVE NIM (A)

premiere: 07. 05. 2023 @A-Rinkole/Rinkolach
20. 05. 2023 @KSŠŠD_A-Vienna

The performance in the Slovenian Podjuna dialect is based on the texts "Iz dnevnika Pokržnikovega Lukana" by Janko Messner, in which Luka, the Slovenian Don Quixote and the Carinthian Švejk, holds up a mirror to us through the naive ironic way of speaking of a "simple man" and outline a satirical portrait of political and cultural fears and problems in Carinthia. The monocomedy is enriched with the musical songs of Messner, in which the actress Lara Vouk accompanies herself on the accordion. JANKO MESSNER (1921-2011), writer, poet and publicist, is considered one of the most important representatives of the literature of Carinthian Slovenes. His work is characterized by the author's masterful expression, sarcasm, critical thinking and rich imagination. LARA VOUK graduated in drama at AGRFT in Ljubljana. Today, she works as an independent artist in the fields of film, theater and music in Austria and Slovenia. Pokržnikov Luka is her first one-man comedy. * * * * * * * * * * * * * The project is financially supported by the Land of Carinthia / Land Kärnten Kultur and the City of Culture Pliberk / Kulturstadt Bleiburg. The project was financially supported by the Land Kärnten Kultur sovie von der Kulturstadt Bleiburg / City of Culture Pliberk.

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