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I was born in a Slovene family in Austria, as part of the Slovene minority, settled close to the border. At the age of 5 I started to learn how to play the piano and took lessons for 10 years. Besides, singing, drawing and nature were my main interests during


After school, I moved from the village to Vienna to study fashion design. Besides studying, I was part of our minority's student organisation KSŠŠD, which is also part of

YEN - the largest network of youth organisations of autochthonous, national and linguistic minorities in Europe.

I was leading KSŠŠD for two years, gathering a lot of knowledge regarding teamwork, motivation and transforming visions into action.

I made my fashion diploma in spring 2012.

Then I went to Ljubljana, where I did my acting studies at the state Academy for theatre, radio, film and television of Slovenia. The human body became my main interest - movement of the body, expression through the body, body language and detailed manipulation of my own body and mind.

Through the years I developed a second big interest: film. So I attended camera classes at the academy and got the opportunity to direct a few short movies.

When I finished my acting studies I wanted to gather knowledge to produce my own art projects, so I worked as an intern and production assistant at NOSOROGI film production for one year. 

I am a co-founder and vice president of the production company


- multimedia- and arts production.


Today I am working as an actress,

musician, director and producer.


For more information take a look at my work section or
write me a letter. 

Have a good day.

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